One of the biggest marketing tools to surface from the pandemic is the famous YouTube chat posted all over social platforms, using Zoom.

And, you couldn’t be online for more than a few minutes back in 2020-2021 without seeing someone promoting a live chat of some sort.

Interestingly, some were doing it for business, and some just for fun, because they were bored.

Episode 104 with Lux Narayan from StreamAlive is all about why we need to rethink how we manage a YouTube chat!

Nervous about going all in without a sneaky peek? Don’t worry – we’re covering your bases with this one!

Watch the promo of the conversation about YouTube chat pain!

Here’s what’s in this episode about YouTube chat challenges!

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Who is Lux Narayan and what’s he doing about YouTube chat?

He's an entrepreneur and investor who has helped build several companies, including Unmetric which was acquired by Cision.

Recently, he also cofounded Wordsworth AI – a platform-agnostic audience interaction app for improving YouTube chat for livestreamers.

It’s currently in stealth mode.

And before this he'd worked at ShareMyCake where they built up one of the world’s first non profit catering services specifically designed to benefit small businesses called microtrendsetters .

How “Name, Animal, Place, Thing!” happened

Lux Narayan has a lot of wisdom, and he wanted a way of sharing it.

So, his book, “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” was his way of sharing some philosophy with the world during the pandemic.

It started out as a non-fiction book, however his realisation of needing to inject some fun into it, ensured it became something quite different.

“(I made the) cardinal mistake of rereading what I'd written before I finished it and then decided no, I'm not going to read this myself. So rewrote the entire book in my favourite genre, which is allegories it's like a story like the Monk who sold his Ferrari or Jonathan Livingston Seagull, one of those genres.” – Lux Narayan on his book

Lux Narayan talking about how he's fixing YouTube chat

Better questions to ask

Of course, the central theme of this conversation, is conversations in YouTube chat.

And, we’ll get to that in a second.

But first, let’s look into the wider proposition Lux is bringing to the table.

A large part of what Lux is trying to solve, is the problem with engaging people with small talk.

And with that, the pair discuss networking.

Wendy: I was taught tricks for networking rather than saying what you do. You can lead up to it by sort of saying, did you have any problem finding the place? Where have you come from? What was the journey like? Do you know many people here? Those sorts of things that sort of gently ease into rather than, so who are you? What's your name? Where do you come from? And what's your inside leg measurement piece? Because it can really put people off, can't it? And there's a certain anxiety when it comes to meeting new people anyway, that you don't want to be sport of oversharing either.

Lux: There's so much anxiety rooted in it because there's an undercurrent of I'm assessing whether it's worth my time to talk to you from this point onwards. Right, so there is that little undercurrent over there which doesn't hurt for good conversation.”

How Lux is revolutionising YouTube chat in live streams

A YouTuber preparing for a YouTube chat
Photographer: Libby Penner | Source: Unsplash

What a lot of people don’t fully appreciate about live streams is there are more barriers for the presenter to overcome than most viewers realise.

Not only does the presenter have to overcome the anxiety and nerves associated with going live in the first place, but then they have the challenge of remaining engaging.

Of ensuring everyone on the chat feels included.

And that’s not easy when you’re running a YouTube live stream with more than a handful of people in the chat.

This is something Lux believes he has fixed with his StreamAlive app.

The concept is simple but effective.

Have a listen to the episode to learn how you can zip through your YouTube chat sessions and leave the entire audience feeling included…

Here’s the player to listen right now.

Wendywoo’s Takeaway from the conversation about YouTube chat

“The conversation about live streaming and YouTube chat covers the various challenges presenters face when trying to keep audiences engaged.

Lux has developed an app, StreamAlive, which helps with this by zipping through chat sessions and keeping everyone included.

Lux emphasises the importance of conversation even today, using modern methods of communication.”

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