Work with Wendy Harris, aka WendyWoo, host of the “Making Conversations Count” Podcast – She Loves to Talk and is an Accomplished Communications Trainer!


Do you need to work with Wendy Harris, the telemarketing expert, communication trainer, and all-round outbound marketing legend who hosts the “Making Conversations Count” podcast?


This is the page where you can find out more!


Work with Wendy Harris who offers consultative services, using her 4R Formula in 121 bespoke coaching sessions and corporate team training programmes.


You can work with Wendy Harris and have her speak to you as you read. Buy the best selling book that takes you from cold call to warm leads and How to sell over the phone. Use this workbook to Find & Speak to the people you want to work with.


Check out the 121 PowerUp session that uses the 4R Formula to help you focus on how to find the right person, for the right reason at the right time for the right results. You get to work with Wendy Harris in a comprehensive session with homework set and a follow up accountability session.


The corporate businesses like to work with Wendy Harris by choosing the 12 step ‘Building Blocks’ programme that helps the team follow the 4R Formula which builds cohesion as a team and shows them individually how to create repeat campaigns in new data rich areas.


OR my corporate clients like to design a bespoke package that suits their specific outbound prospecting needs which includes the 4R Formula, Building Blocks and Find & Speak processes.


The best ways to carry on the conversation to find out about how to work with Wendy Harris:

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Before you contact Wendy Harris….

In case you’ve stumbled upon this webpage by chance, let us just fill you in on what you’ve missed so you can understand why you might want to contact Wendy!

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