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Here’s an insight into what’s on my bookshelf at home! I wanted to share some brilliant books that I’ve read, all about expanding your mind and your business success.

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Wendy's bookshelf

Get Sh*t Done – Jeffrey Gitomer

The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, Procrastination, and Profitability

Happy Sexy Millionaire – Stephen Bartlett

The Profits Principles

Unleash Your Awesome – Taz Thornton

No More Excuses. No More Complaining. Own Your Life and Live It

Steve Jobs – Autobiography

The founder of Apple tells his own story.

Atomic Habits – James Clear

An easy and proven way to build good habits & break bad ones.

3 Book Collection – Simon Sinek

Leaders Eat Last, Find Your Why, and Start With Why

Evolve Your Brain – Joe Dispenza

Recommended by Lizzie Butler, the science of changing your mind.

The Brain Always Wins – John Sullivan and Chris Parker

Recommended by Lizzie Butler, developing successful mind management.

How to be a Money Magnet – Marie-Claire Carlyle

Change your finances by becoming a money magnet. 

The Art of Shouting Quietly – Pete Moseley

How to promote yourself as an introverted character. 

Take Your Shot – Robin Waite 

How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money

An Everyday Entrepreneur – Paul Bassi 

Advice, Support and Inspiration from Experience You Can Relate To

The Orgasm Effect – Charlie Hutton 

The Business Owners Guide to Get Customers Screaming…Yes, Yes, YES! 

We Will Covive – Sam Munslow

My Covid Diary, Reflections and Learning

Find Your Flame – Sophie Bennet

Why motivation matters more than talent.

The Art of Possibility – Rosamund Stone Zander 

Transforming Professional and Personal Life

Dreams to Goals – Darren J. Brookes

Discover your true potential and to lead a life of fulfilment.

Add Then Multiply – David B. Horne

How small businesses can think like big businesses and achieve exponential growth.

The Happiness Revolution – Andy Cope

A Manifesto for Living Your Best Life

The USP is You – Timea Kadar

Build your personal brand and grow your reputation

Confidence – Karene Lambert-Gorwyn 

How To Have It And Keep It.

Nudge – Richard H. Taler 

Improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness.



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