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Hi, there,
I may not know you yet but I very much value you taking the time to read this letter.

I’m Ruth Driscoll, known as The Life Liberator.
My mission is to lead those who are dealing with manipulative, controlling and even abusive relationships to remove that toxic impact on their lives and reach empowerment and freedom. In other words, to give them their lives back.
When your world is in the controlling grip of a difficult and toxic individual, you feel like your life is not your own. It feels like that person is the one who is pressing the buttons that control your life. It’s a truly horrible situation to find yourself in.
That person can be someone close to you in your personal life, like a partner or a family member. It can also happen to you in the work-place, like that bullying boss or a colleague who does their best to put you down.
It’s hard to talk about and it feels almost impossible to know what to do to make it stop. And I know because it happened to me. The abuser was my personal partner. And, at the time that this was going on, I was the Headteacher of a large and challenging inner-city primary school. So it’s not like I wasn’t used to dealing with difficult circumstances!
Thankfully I did finally find the… what?… Courage? Wherewithal? Impetus? … to chuck him out. But that doesn’t mean the story was over. The truth is, the residue of bullying and control also runs deeply and damagingly within you.
So I set off on my journey of recovery. And I knew I needed the answers to these 3 questions:
What was it about me that made me vulnerable to his negative messages about me? What was it about him that made him so pointlessly and randomly cruel?
And how could I be certain this could never happen to me again?

Through answering these questions for myself, I realised I had all that was needed to help others achieve the same results and get their lives back! And that’s why The Life Liberator was born!
The work that I do gives clients safe and effective strategies that let the bully know they are no longer going to be pushed around. I call the process The Elegantly-Assertive Empowerment Key.

Toxic people need to put down others in order to validate themselves. Sadly it is a very common issue. So if it is happening to you, you should feel no shame about it. The way you become trapped inside a bullying situation is cunning and insidious. It can happen to anyone!

However, please know that you do not have to continue to put up with it – no matter who that person is in your life and how long it has been going on.

I would love to meet you. You are welcome to get in touch for a complimentary Clarity Call and let me know about the situation you are dealing with. Use the link to my Calendly diary. There will definitely be a solution for you.

Yours warmly Ruth x 07740779907

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Resources – Free Consultation

Ruth is offering a free ‘Clarity Call’ to let her know about the situation you are dealing with. Ruth can then create a plan for you to get out of a bad situation through a process she calls ‘The Elegantly-Assertive Empowerment Key’.


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