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Mandy’s Letter to the Listeners

Having spent the last 30 years building a career and running my side-gig of writing and self-publishing books during the last 10+, I’ve learned a lot on how to make the book writing journey more simple.


I love reading and I love stories. And even more now I love hearing about other peoples stories and working with them to get their book done.


Why do I do this? Long story short, we all have a book in us, even if it’s just our own life story.  I say ‘just’ lightly as one day there will be members of your family and your descendents who will want to know more about you and you won’t be hear to ask.


Your life story will be your legacy. Imagine leaving those cherished memories for your loved ones to read and also for future generations.  Imagine them reading your story and saying ‘I bet they were fun/interesting/amazing’.


My specialist area is helping wannabe authors to kick-start their story.  Get their ideas out of their heads and onto paper. You talk, I listen. I’ll then create a clear book structure which will help you to write your book. Chapters 1 to a maximum of 12, into which you will easily be able to populate your story, your area of expertise, knowledge, skill or life story.


So if you:-

  • Have a story to tell?
  • Are a subject matter expert who wants to write your book
  • Or maybe you would love to turn the bedtime stories that you used to read to your children, now your grand-children into a book?
  • Would like to capture memories, past and present that you can read and re-live, time and time again, when you are older.
  • want to leave something of you for your loved ones.


Leave your legacy. Let me help you to write your book.


– Mandy Ward, Write My Book

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Mandy helps people to write their own book using her book support package. She is also an Author of Children’s book ‘The Cuddle Monster’.

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