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John’s Letter to the Listeners

Hi pivotal podcaster,


A bit like sliding doors the movie, we all walk a fine line between life determining events, timing and outcomes.


Just think of all the seemingly inconsequential choices or circumstances you have encountered over your lifetime… do I turn left or right? Had I turned left I would have had a fatal accident, no-one’s fault, just bad timing. By turning right, I went on my merry way oblivious to the outcome, had I turned left – you know what I mean right? 


In business what makes pivotal moments turn into value is how you seize them and then take actions to make the best out of them. What makes pivotal moments into life changing events is the commitment and passion that you have to use the light bulb moment to be your vehicle in life without letting the “How” sayers dissuade you! How many times have you come up with an idea, but well-meaning friends immediately come up with a litany of hurdles as to why it won’t work – rarely do people focus on the “What” and then do everything to make it work!


The biggest reason that over 50% of business start-ups fail or fail to scale 3-5 years after starting up is that they are passionate and great at what they do, but hopeless and uninterested about all the other aspects of running a business. 


The next biggest reason as Peter Drucker states is that they fail to innovate or market properly.


The podium is complete by starting without the end in mind.


All these issues can be solved by being part of great communities of like-minded people all who want to get a better result, either by growing their business, getting a better lifestyle out of its performance, or by selling it for more when the time is right.


That is what I love about turning a worthless piece of unsold inventory into a new customer and a “Banana “ 


Please feel free to connect with me, just mention you heard me on Wendy’s show – will you turn left, or right?


– John Attridge, founder of BBX

Resources – Tools, Events & Supportive Community

BBX has a ‘capacity tool’ that can help to identify how to scale and grow your business. 

They host events and networking to help meet like-minded individuals, and they also have a supportive community to help you maximize your potential. 

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