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Mike Pagan – Mental Wealth Strategist

Advocating for the right support team to help you and your business thrive.

Letter to Listeners

It was great fun being interviewed by Wendy I am so glad you managed to listen in and enjoy the show!


Working in isolation, be that in a company, as a solopreneur or as part of a team (yes, team isolation is very real), can often cause a lack of direction and creativity, which prevents the ability to make decisions. 


At times I have found myself lost at points in my career, alone and isolated due to a lack of meaningful proactive support. By surrounding myself with my personally chosen hand-picked Mental Wealth team of supportive people, I am now happier in life, more successful in business and feeling mentally and physically able to navigate the path ahead.


As a coach, author and non-executive director with a reputation for having a different approach to my work – I can be blunt, direct, honest and open where necessary; I find it really helps. 


I help individuals and companies achieve positive mental wealth through building hand-picked support networks and helping unlock significant performance improvements. 


I am always happy to talk more and investigate opportunities, collaborations, and support do get in touch. In the meantime, you can get your copy of the book Mental Wealth here at www.mikepagan.com/mentalwealthbook, and of course, there is plenty of other information available for you, including blogs, tips and videos at www.mikepagan.com


About Mike Pagan

Mike Pagan is an expert in helping you achieve positive mental wealth through building hand-picked support networks. Surround yourself with your personalised Mental Wealth team, become happier in life, be more successful in business, and become mentally and physically stronger to navigate the path ahead. 

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