How to start meaningful Conversations – An Interview with Mari-Liis Vaher on the Powerful Marketers podcast


The most important thing to know about making phone conversations count is that you have to be speaking to the right person, about the right thing, at the right time.


If you are making hundreds of calls, but you’re talking about something that person isn’t interested in, the conversation will never turn into a sale. Your results will come by talking to enough people consistently and pre-qualifying what their needs are. When you approach a conversation with the intention of hearing the other person out instead of immediately pitching to them, you will have a more meaningful conversations.

Tune into this episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for to hear how making meaningful conversations over the phone leads to success in business. Learn best practices for making a good first impression, being more relaxed on the phone, and turning phone calls into sales.

This conversation also includes why Wendy wrote her own best selling book ‘Making Conversations Count: How to sell over the phone’ and how it has helped lots of people start conversations in their business.


In the episode of “Powerfulmarketers”, Mari-Liis Vaher asks Wendy Harris to share her insights into how respect, processes and a proven 4R formula helps in meaningful conversations.

How to Start meaningful conversations

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