At the time of writing, it’s the festive season. And we wanted to do something special for it. So in this crossover episode of our usual weekend bonus episodes, Wendy Harris enjoys a catch up regarding some previous conversations. We’re talking with three former guests on how to master your mindset, go for GOLD and enjoy the rewards of being a writer!

Want to learn more about how to make your own conversations count and keep up with the podcast’s key ‘how to’s?

Carrying on the Conversation with three previous guests!

In something of a break from our regular programming…

We're seriously on brand with this one. It's all about carrying on the conversation…

"It can be a bit of a challenge because your whole sense of identity is being challenged, but what you're opening yourself up to is a whole world of possibility that you would otherwise just not have any awareness of… " – Rob Begg, Carrying on the Conversation – December 2022

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Mastering the mindset, going for GOLD and revisiting the cuddle monster. Sorry… what?

We didn't just want this episode to be a standard episode.

It is the festive season after all (at the time of writing)

After another action packed year in 2022, we decided it was definitely about time we revisited some of our most impactful previous guests and find out what's happened with them since we chatted on the show.

We catch up with Steve Judge, Mandy Ward, and Rob Begg.

Wendy chats through with Steve and Mandy what came next for them, following the conversation that counted.

And producer Neal spoke with Rob Begg to find out more about the work Wendy did with him after he blew her away with his insight during the episode.

What you'll learn from this episode of carrying on the conversation – the special Christmas episode

You'll learn…

  • Going for the Golden vision – with support from the Golden Gang!
  • Making the difference with some impactful books
  • Mastering the mindset!

Listen to the full episodes with the guests here:

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