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Self talk, or self suggestion is a favourite subject of mine not least because it’s got me into, and out of, crap loads of trouble over the years.


And if it works for me then obviously it can work for you!


I’m a coal miner’s son from Staffordshire, and was born with Charcott Marie Tooth syndrome. A peripheral neuropathy that makes walking more and more difficult as you get older. At nineteen I was told after a whole year of corrective surgery, that I’d never do a standing up job again.


Thanks to self suggestion that isn’t what happened; and the next few decades included a few years walking the wards orthopaedic nursing, which was followed by ‘Walking the Boards’, as a stage hypnotist, trainer and speaker.


Then at the age of 48 I died, well my heart stopped twice, which resulted in a quadruple bypass and nearly dying from a secondary infection. But it was while my body fought to stay here that I talked myself into my eclectic approach to personal development crafting a fast, fun and effective collection of techniques that just work.


I developed my #SubSkills subconscious coaching because I’m passionate about empowering professional people, enhancing your talent and performance; helping you give and get results with yourself, your customers and your clients, your family and friends – hypnotically and powerfully.


I do now use a wheel-chair to get around faster. It doesn’t stop me enjoying this fabulous life which just continues to get better by the day.


You can change your mind and if you change your mind you can change your life. And if you change your life….


You can live happily ever after. 
 (At least till you die)


Thanks for being interested and interesting, and how ever you decide we should fit together, I’m really looking forward to joining you on your journey.


– Jonathan Chase, Hypnotist

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Resources – Free Download & Books

Jonathan has a free e-book that can be downloaded about the art of self-suggestion titled ‘Talk Yourself Into Anything’. He’s also written and recommended his books that can be purchased below.

Deeper and Deeper

How to make friends with yourself and influence people

Don’t look in his eyes

Subconscious Skills Success


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