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The Making Conversations Count Resource Bank


For Guest Special Offers and Recommended Resources to help entrepreneurs and other business leaders succeed


Each of our guests are asked to share their useful resources, and showcase their services for you to carry on the conversation with them.

On every page, you will find a ‘Letter to Listeners’ written by each of our guests. This is their opportunity to tell YOU why you should carry on the conversation with them.

Making Conversations Count is set on continuing the conversation after the episode is live, to form a useful community, bank of resources, and excellent advice!

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Sarah Townsend, Author and Copywriter

Sarah Townsend is a freelance copywriter and best-selling author of the book 'survival skills for freelancers'. In this episode, we discuss the importance of conversations in the freelance world, and how things can lead to many opportunities...


John Attridge, BBX community founder

John Attridge is the founder of BBX, a community that helps to connect like-minded individuals to achieve more, grow their business and earn more money. Guiding Businesses to Get New Profitable Customers and Reach their Full Potential by Tapping into...

Clara Wilcox – The Balance Collective

Clara Wilcox runs the balance collective, and coaches parents on their return to work to find their happy place. Clara is also Author of the Book 'What Now: An Honest Guide to Miscarriage, Baby Loss, Parenting, Mental Health and Rebuilding...

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Informative, Charismatic and Meaningful Conversations

The perfect companion on a short drive.

As well as an insight into the human character, you’ll learn just as much on how to hack your day-to-day business operations.

In a State Agent via Apple Podcasts


Wendy expresses genuine curiosity about her guests. I felt like we were all sitting around the table for a warm cuppa getting to know each other.

She truly has a gift at listening to her guests and making each conversation count.

As a listener, I left each conversation feeling engaged and connected. I’m looking forward to joining Wendy every week to learn about the pivotal moment in her guests’ lives. Elizabeth Krajewski

Izzy2Wander via Apple Podcasts

Enlightening and fun

One of the most enlightening and fun podcasts out there. Wendy is an incredible host no matter who the guest and I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast. One you must put on your weekly listen list.

JayDa11236 via Apple Podcasts

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