Goodbye imposter syndrome! Unsquashing yourself with Trisha Lewis.

Trisha Lewis has free advice for you on imposter syndrome and we also have her letter to listeners!

Learn how to get more of you, less imposter syndrome, in your content with Trisha’s free downloadable ebook! 

In the episode of “Making Conversations about unsquashing yourself Count”, Trisha explains how we can sometimes put across the wrong message about ourselves.

We can often fall short because we’re uncomfortable living in our true selves, and so we squash ourselves.

In the latest episode, we’re talking all about how to reverse that process.

How to overcome imposter syndrome and work on unsquashing ourselves.

And this offering from Trisha could not be more perfect to help with this, particularly if you want to get better results from your use of Linkedin..

Grab this offering from Trisha – “More YOU In Your Content”.

  • Trisha will talk you through how to post and create ‘more intrigue’ on Linkedin.
  • And how to do something she calls ‘vulnerability weaving’

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We also have Trisha’s letter to listeners.

And once you’ve heard the full episode (Listen here) you may even be inspired to say goodbye to imposter syndrome!



unsquashing yourself to overcome imposter syndrome

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Trisha’s letter to listeners

“Podcast host turns guest! And not just any old podcast either – only the one hosted by the fascinating @Wendy Harris! So what did we talk about…..


And if you haven’t yet found her podcast – do so right now. It is called Making Conversations Count. So – guess what – I needed to make our conversation count 🙂


Wendy asks her guests to think about a pivotal conversation that they have had in their lives.  This was challenging as I have been around a long time.


But I like challenges.


After sifting through my memory bank for some time – I had the lightbulb moment.


It was a conversation that took place at the ‘You Are The Media’ conference – pre covid! I only really knew @John Espirian through LinkedIn – but he is a connector! He grabbed me at lunchtime (in a nice way) and said ‘You must meet @Janine Coombes!’ 


So I did. 


We had lunch and laughed lots! 


Then the moment happened.


I shared my frustration at not letting my full real self out in my business – in particular me as an actor and entertainer.


Janine was at that point sharing her fun sketches on LinkedIn – dressing up and being funny – BUT with a serious marketing tip!


‘If I can do it – you can Trisha!’


Buoyed up by the two of them – I revealed my character ‘Investigator Lewis’ a few weeks later.


It was a turning point in my personal unsquashing journey. It even became the narrative hook for my book! 


I gained more fabulous followers and so many REAL conversations were triggered.


But it wouldn’t have happened without the magic ingredient – curiosity.


Curiosity is the key – and mutual curiosity is why I am a guest on Wendy’s fabulous podcast!”


#MakingConversationsCount #Curiosity


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