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Sope’s letter to the listeners

“I hope you enjoyed listening to the podcast with Wendy and me, it was a great conversation that could have gone on for hours as she had some great questions.

As we move into a new year spend some time reflecting on what worked in the previous year and what didn’t.


It is so easy for us to make bold ambitious statements about the goals we want to achieve especially as we live in a society that constantly preaches about taking action however it is also important to be able to create some time for reflection.


In my work coaching senior leaders, I have found that being able to hold the space for reflection has provided clarity for my clients enabling them to make better-informed decisions.


It is a reflection: action polarity that most people don’t think but time and time again it has helped my clients make a transformational shift both personally and professionally achieving whatever their version of success looks like.


If this is something you are interested in feel free to reach out to me and my organisation MindsetShift.


In the meantime, if you check out the Finding Your Purpose book that has some great exercises in there that you could explore by yourself and of course you can check out my podcast Everyday Leadership on all streaming platforms.”


– Sope Agbelusi

About Sope Agbelusi

Sope Agbelusi is a husband, father, executive coach and Founder of MindsetShift. MindsetShift is a leadership development compact focused on leaders, teams and organisations to create people-centred, inclusive cultures that harness each individual’s full potential. Sope is also a keynote speaker and host of Everyday Leadership Podcast


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