Customer obsession that puts the Magic back into your marketing – with Ben Hanlin

In the latest episode of the Making Conversations Count podcast, business communication coach and sales trainer Wendy Harris chats about customer obsession with Ben Hanlin, a comedian, magician, TV presenter, and co-founder of a digital marketing agency.

In the conversation, Ben shares his journey from being a magician to venturing into the world of digital marketing.

We discuss the importance of authenticity, client obsession, and storytelling in the digital landscape.

Unleashing the Magic!

Ben starts by sharing how the pandemic impacted his career as a magician.

With all his live performances cancelled overnight, he took the time to reflect on his goals and aspirations.

This led him to realize that he wanted to be part of something bigger than himself.

Teaming up with his best friend Sam, a digital marketer, they founded their agency to create engaging content that combines storytelling and performance.

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The Power of Customer Obsession

One of the core principles of Ben and Sam’s agency is their customer obsession.

Ben explains that before any marketing strategy can be created, it is vital to understand the client’s goals, purpose, and pain points.

By asking a thousand questions and truly caring about the client, they can create a strategy that will help them achieve their objectives.

Ben emphasises the importance of always caring about every single audience, regardless of its size.

Authenticity in Marketing

Authenticity is a buzzword often thrown around in marketing, but Ben believes it holds true value. He highlights the need to be genuine and to genuinely care about the audience. Just as a magician connects with their audience on stage, marketers must forge a real connection with their target market. Ben also stresses the importance of being consistent and staying true to oneself to build an authentic personal brand.

“The moment you stop caring or the moment you have an interaction with somebody where you don’t care about them, even at a one on one level, you get disengagement, and they switch off and they don’t feel they connect with you..”

Ben Hanlin, Making Conversations Count – December 2023 



Storytelling in the Digital Landscape

When it comes to successful storytelling in the digital landscape, Ben shares some valuable insights.

He suggests focusing on giving value rather than selling.

Answering the questions your clients often ask and addressing their problems can create a strong connection.

Ben advises taking trending topics or global events and relating them back to your industry or expertise.

This strategy can help generate engagement and nurture your community.


Batching Content for Consistency

To avoid the overwhelm of creating consistent content, Ben recommends a batching approach.

Separating idea generation from content execution, he suggests blocking dedicated time slots to brainstorm ideas and then returning later to turn those ideas into posts or videos.

By batching content, marketers can ensure regular posts without burning out.

Why should I listen, Wendywoo?

In this enlightening conversation, Ben Hanlin shared his journey from magician to digital marketer. He emphasized the significance of being client obsessed, staying authentic, and utilising storytelling in the digital landscape.

By following Ben’s advice, marketers can put the magic back into their marketing strategies and create genuine connections with their audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ben Hanlin and his expertise in marketing, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn or visit his agency’s website.

Remember, the key to successful marketing is to make every conversation count.

Timestamped summary of topics

01:13 Transition from Magic to Marketing

03:20 The Importance of Understanding Your Audience

08:15 Strategies for Successful Storytelling in Digital Marketing

14:21 The Role of Authenticity and Consistency in Content Creation

21:26 The conversation that counts

21:43 Finding Purpose in Your Work

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