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In the episode of “Making Conversations about activism by pen Count”, Dawn explains how she could have saved a small fortune in her penwomanship journey, if she’d had access to the resources that many new aspiring writers have.

That’s why she’s wanting to pass this on to you, now, here on this site.

Grab these incredible offers while you can! With Dawn’s help you can overcome the obstacles.

  • Books can make a huge impact on someone’s life. If you write one, you’re creating an evergreen legacy. Dawn will help you do so.
  • Only 3% of people intending to write a book actually do so. Of them, only 1% actually publish! Again, Dawn can help.

We have a feeling this page might be getting added to as Dawn’s journey unfolds, so feel free to book mark this page as a handy resource if you’re planning on becoming a writer.

And once you’ve heard the full episode (link coming soon) you may even be inspired to also become a pen acitivist!



Pen activist Dawn Bates

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Whatever you choose, always CHOOSE YOU, CHOOSE JOY and as I say to my children “You have a voice, a mind and a heart, use them always!”

With love from somewhere in the world,
Dawn x


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