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Who is Wendy Harris?


She’s a Growth Communication Coach & Trainer who has been picking up the phone for 35+ years.


In old money she would be called a Telemarketing Consultant. In these modern times people prefer Social Selling Trainer.


She loves showing clients how much fun it is talking to strangers because that’s where your new business is!


You will hear her listeners call her WendyWoo. She has also been dubbed ‘The Queen of Conversation’ by Followers.

Wendy is your host on the award nominated podcast where she speaks with business leaders on the topic of Making Conversations Count and that one conversation that changed everything for them.

She is also the Best-Selling Author of the “Making Conversations Count – How to sell over the phone” book and has built her business reputation through her telemarketing training company WAG Associates.

Wendy LOVES conversations. So much so, it’s her career. Wendy has worked in the sales and communication industry for over 35 years, and has been spending her time training others to make their conversations count since 2005.

Wendy has rebranded from WAG and dedicates her relationship building through Making Conversations Count. She thrives from speaking to people from all walks of life.

She has turned her hand in many corporate facing industries, working with teams in the Saas, Tech and Finance plus gets wildly excited when there’s a creative offering such as CGI, Architectural Design, ask her about the Magician she helped!

Ultimately, people buy from people. Brands with strong Values and Guidelines can still empower their people to harness personality in their conversations.

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Grab a ChinWAG with Wendy

It has become clear since the conception of the show that Wendy’s natural ability to get people talking has lead to a wider audience of listeners than the entrepreneurs it was created for.

Business owners alike are eager to hear the insights shared by every guest.

With hand picked experts sharing their own ‘How to’ win in business, it doesn’t always have to be their given topic of expertise either and can be mindset, money or health or all of the above.

Every guest brings a fresh perspective and leaves listeners inspired to take action.

Why is Wendy’s podcast so important to her?

She’s On A Mission to Arm Aspiring Entrepreneurs with How to’s

The podcast show is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the wide network of professional business relationships Wendy has built over her career, and record stories with the aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s not always simple finding the answers to questions you’re not sure to ask, is it?

Each guest brings a unique take on their specialist topic, opening up the conversation naturally to share both successes and failures. The podcast is run alongside her successful training business and enables Wendy to show that sales of any nature (or results) can be fun when it’s with the right people, for the right reason at the right time.

Highlighting the importance of conversation and communication in the show, Wendy has clear and infectious excitement towards teasing out these stories.

Being an entrepreneur is a leap of faith, daunting and not for the faint-hearted. But by hearing other people’s stories, Wendy hopes to reduce that fear. By sharing the moments we fear as a failure before a breakthrough we can truly help others. This show makes success stories more accessible.

Knowing that business leaders who are now at the top of their game lead real, human lives, with regret, knock-backs, and joy along the way is an encouragement to do it yourself.

Every episode leaves listeners with at minimum of one ‘How to’ encouraging people to make a start but don’t be surprised if you take lots of notes as guests turn on their masterclass mode.


Wendy’s Reasoning: Why host a Podcast?


Wendy is a professional conversationalist, a podcast seemed a natural step.

The show is based on asking each guest to bring with them a memory of one conversation that created a pivotal moment for them. Whether that’s their personal life or career, it’s something that has influenced a change to help them get to where they are today.

This is an opportunity to record and share influential conversations for others to listen to and take in. It’s also a really fun way to get to know Wendy if you’re considering using a trainer for your team. Wendy wanted to create a podcast that gave her the opportunity to talk to business-leaders from all industries and learn about their lives first-hand, whilst making it ‘work’!

Love what you do & you’ll never work a day!

Wendy’s inquisitive nature makes for a great interviewer, asking the right questions to delve deep. The magic in these conversations is that every guest shares their pivotal conversation LIVE.

Guests are specifically asked not to reveal this element before they record – it leads to fascinating conversations on the most surprising topics. No subject is taboo and we are extremely proud to be trusted with these conversations.




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Michal Bohanes via Apple podcasts

Brilliant podcast

Brilliant podcast! Really enjoyed our chat immensely and have explored other sessions and enjoyed what I heard. Excellent work!

RealyT via Apple Podcasts

Informative, Charismatic and Meaningful Conversations

The perfect companion on a short drive.

As well as an insight into the human character, you’ll learn just as much on how to hack your day-to-day business operations.

In a State Agent via Apple Podcasts

Business leaders at pivotal moments in their careers

Make Conversations County has a relax informal feel that many podcasts lack by taking themselves too seriously. It’s like having coffee with a friend.

Favourite episodes are Nicky Pattinson, Amelia Thorpe and Paula at the YMCA. It’s also good to understand the journey of Wendy Harris at WAG Associates who used to be homeless as a single mum and the amazing journey she has been on.

Check this podcast out today.

Niraj Kapur via Apple podcasts

Great energy and packed with value

The guests that come on the show are so varied but are all intent in adding value. And Wendy’s energy makes sure that it’s done in a really fun

Dangerousdave007 via Apple Podcasts


Wendy expresses genuine curiosity about her guests. I felt like we were all sitting around the table for a warm cuppa getting to know each other.

She truly has a gift at listening to her guests and making each conversation count.

As a listener, I left each conversation feeling engaged and connected. I’m looking forward to joining Wendy every week to learn about the pivotal moment in her guests’ lives. Elizabeth Krajewski

Izzy2Wander via Apple Podcasts

I love this podcast.

The guests you have on all bring something new to the conversation and definitely thought-provoking.

Sometimes this means I change something I do, or something I would say, and other times it’s a real opportunity for reflection.

Thanks for sharing your guests with us Wendy, the podcasts are brilliant.

Paula Senior

Great conversations

I really enjoyed your conversation with Steve Judge. His story is incredibly inspiring. I can’t imagine the pain he had to go through to grow his leg back and then learn to run on it. Never lean on your excuses!

Leon CA B via Apple podcasts

Enlightening and fun

One of the most enlightening and fun podcasts out there. Wendy is an incredible host no matter who the guest and I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast. One you must put on your weekly listen list.

JayDa11236 via Apple Podcasts

Love this podcast series.

It’s a great idea to have a theme of ‘pivotal conversations’ and the variety of guests from massively different backgrounds keeps it fresh and interesting.

Wendy is a natural host and makes people feel at ease to share their stories.

Andrew Deighton

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Episode 1 – Paula Senior

In our first episode, we speak to Paula Senior from the YMCA. Paula is a fund-raising officer and is currently preparing for the annual Sleepout to raise much needed funds for the night shelter, how covid has stretched them to the limits and how they have risen above the challenges faced by the homeless.

Episode 2 – Nat Schooler

Can one conversation really influence where you are driven? Nat Schooler

Influence marketeer Nat Schooler joins Wendy as they chat about how important it is to produce strategic content online. Nat spends his time podcasting, writing, and driving across foreign continents for fun. However, their conversation quickly turns to the importance of building relationships with the people you want to work with. Nat places trust as the highest asset everyone should nurture.

Episode 3 – Azam Mamujee

In this episode, Wendy is joined by Managing Partner, Azam Mamujee a tax specialist with a voice of velvet.

Azam agrees that conversations count however he explains how numbers can tell a much more powerful story. He has a catchphrase “Give Azam the facts, I’ll save you the Tax”.

Episode 4 – Jenny Procter

Jenny Procter – Bondfield Marketing

Making Conversations about Marketing for Introverts Count

Let us introduce you to Jenny Procter, a marketing consultant and self-proclaimed introvert.

Jenny writes PR and communications for B2B clients and has her own podcast show, and she discusses issues around running her own business as an entrepreneur.

Episode 5 – Andrew Deighton

Andrew Deighton – Team Coaching. Making Conversations about Teams Count. We are joined by Andrew Deighton today, who helps build and develop high-performing teams through strategy and processes in today’s remote working world.

Wendy has worked with Andrew in a second business through mentoring and knows firsthand how his advice relates to many aspects of running a business.

Episode 6 – Nicky Pattinson

Nicky Pattinson – Leading Sales Authority & Public Speaker. Making Conversations about Personality Count. Nicky Pattinson speaks the Truth in all she does! A northern lass who traded on the markets at the beginning of her career, similarly to your host. Now, Nicky has a best-selling book “Email: Don’t Get Deleted” and her own YouTube channel NICKYPTV.

Episode 7 – Buckso Dhillon-Wooley

Buckso Dhillon-Wooley – Actress, Speaker & Business Coach. Making Conversations about Self-Belief Count. A true diamond, Buckso is very much aligned with herself and the many facets of her own personality.
As an actor, speaker and coach her mission in life is to help people connect with their higher self.
Being aligned with yourself on a spiritual, physical and emotional level allows you to shine brighter in everything you touch.
Buckso Dillon-Whooley is a well known Actress, who has starred in Disney’s recent remake of Aladdin and is a long-standing actor on Coronation Street with appearances on many UK TV shows.

Episode 8 – James Daniel

James Daniel – Copywriter
Making Conversations about Copywriting Count
Joining us in this episode is copywriter James Daniel.
He describes himself as ‘That old guy who writes copy – you know, the beardy one with glasses.’
We should point out there could be other old guys with beards and glasses out there!
It’s easy to like James’ style of writing because he’s a conversationalist who realizes that people don’t speak geek or tech.

Episode 9 – Henny Maltby

Henny Maltby – Digital Marketing Agency, Pink Elephant Media. Making Conversations about Digital Marketing Count. When the Pandemic hit in early 2020, Henny Maltby turned to her husband as they both realised their business was going to change forever. Offering online marketing to large corporate businesses who cut budgets left a hole to fill. By opening the conversation up with local businesses, it was obvious what the next chapter would be for them at Pink Elephant Media…

Episode 10 – Kim Walsh Phillips

Kim Walsh Phillips owns Powerful Professionals, a business that helps empower entrepreneurs to turn clicks into cash and identifying the superpowers in others so they can fly high. Kim is an expert in social selling strategy.

Episode 11 – Amelia Thorpe

Amelia Thorpe – Mental Health Wellbeing Coach. Making Conversations about Mental Wealth Count. Meet Amelia Thorpe, founder of Wellbeing 360, who talks to Wendy about how important it is to give equal priority to our mental and physical health. Listening to Amelia’s story will bring a beacon of hope that we can all take charge of our own conversations which will give us back the control that slips sometimes when times are tough. Amelia is a wellbeing counsellor.

Episode 12 – John Attridge

John Attridge – Guiding Businesses to Reach their Full Potential by Tapping into Spare Capacity

Making Conversations about Capacity Count. John Attridge, owner of BBX turns spare capacity into value for many businesses. When you listen to John you just know there is a bigger story to this guy as his accent gives it away!
John has successfully built a business network and community to help people fill spare capacity and exchange services. It is a brilliant concept and if you’ve not come across it before yet in touch with me and I’ll tell you more. Using the BBX community helped my own business through the lockdown and has provided such a lot of support and new relationships.

Episode 13 – Clara Wilcox

Clara Wilcox runs The Balance Collective, Specialising in Return to Work Coaching for Parents. Making Conversations about Returning to Work Count! This is a conversation that every Mum will resonate with, juggling home and work is not simply a balancing act but a superpower!

Clara recognized through her own personal journey that the right support for Mum’s returning to work was only available from the employer’s point of view. This causes a biased approach and is not always helpful in an emotive decision-making process.

Episode 14 – Dr Ivan Misner

In this episode, Ivan and Wendy explore how conversation is the foundation of all growth and learning. How times have changed, looking back and also predicting our future generations experiences, yet communication will still be the underpin even it how that looks has changed.

Episode 15 – Janine Coombes

Google has recognised this lady as the #1 marketing coach and her video series mixes humour with key messages, it is the lovely Janine Coombes. Janine is a marketing coach for personal brands.
In this episode, Janine and Wendy share how using the right language influences the conversations we have and how it affects our results.

Episode 16 – Lizzie Butler

Making conversations about presentations count! Delighted to introduce Lizzie Butler, owner of LB Communications, who met Wendy at a local online networking event and immediately hit it off. Lizzie helps you to grow your business through personal development training and how to achieve brilliant communication.

Episode 17 – Jem Hills

Making conversations about Bullying count. Jem Hills is an inspirational speaker, trainer & performance coach.
Talking to Wendy in this episode is ex-marine Jem Hills who you might find it hard to believe was affected by bullying and a lack of confidence. As a release Jem discovered Northern dancing and practiced as a bedroom activity that later led to an accidental release of freestyle dancing at a competition. The dancing-built resilience and the foundations for the training to complete the Mud Run and onto his Elite Special Forces career.

Episode 18 – Peter Howard

Peter Howard runs a design studio that is ranked in the top 100 in the country and was responsible for the WAG brand. Having known Peter and his team for many years, Wendy has heard lots of his stories but knew there would be one she had not heard before.

Episode 19 – Taz Thornton & Asha Clearwater

Making conversations about partnerships count. In a Making Conversations Count first, we are joined by two dynamic guests in this episode. Both Taz & Asha provide business coach services in different areas. Joining Wendy chatting about all the elements that make up a great debate. You are not going to want to miss the observations with Taz Thornton and Asha Clearwater around questioning, opinions, debate and discernment that makes for wonderful colourful conversations.

Episode 20 – Vicki Carroll (formerly O’Neill)

Vicki works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and executive leaders who are stuck in their business and need someone as a partner to coach them to their next level of success. Vicki offers growth marketing consultant advice, strategy plans & also organises in-house marketing teams.

Episode 21 – Heidi Medina

This episode contains one of our most important conversations, so we’re definitely going to make it count!
Wendy Harris brings Heidi Medina into the conversation today, who opens up the conversation about abuse she has encountered.
She’s a Linkedin expert and business coach who is the exact opposite of the classic ‘my way or the highway’.
Whether you meet Heidi online or in person she is the same.

Episode 22 – Niraj Kapur

In this episode, Wendy is joined by Online Sales Coach Niraj Kapur from “Everybody works in Sales” a business that helps companies with their sales processes.

Episode 23 – Steve Judge

A life-changing accident that almost claimed a life but actually birthed a mindset shift.  Making conversations about speaking count!

Imagine losing your limbs in an accident.

That’s a real human test.

Most people would fall into one of two camps.

Feel the loss, and struggle to overcome it, before essentially accepting your ‘job lot’ and just becoming a bit angry.

Many would. And they’d be forgiven.

Then there are others, who would not let it defeat them, or define them.

Steve Judge is definitely in the latter of the two camps.

Episode 24 – Nik Venios

We reflect on how this business man helped his poorly mother solve a household challenge which led to a career of making conversations about ideas and innovation count. We will all eventually lose our parents. Sadly, it’s a part of life. Not many of us have to suffer that loss at the tender age of just six. We couldn’t think of a nicer guy to help us with our goal of making conversations about ideas count. Truly, if anyone can hold a conversation about ideas, it’s Nik Venios of the Ideas Agency. Did you know that NASA has a genius test? During this episode, you’ll find out all about this, and the fascinating stats surrounding it.

Episode 25 – Jonny Cooper

Most business owners hate marketing. That’s probably because they don’t understand it. Someone who does get marketing is Jonny Cooper, and even he can’t stand it! In fact, he despises it so much, he built a business around it. Welcome to Jonny Hates Marketing! This week we’re making conversations about messaging count. Messaging is so important to get correct. Your entire marketing voice depends on it. That’s why you need to listen very carefully to Jonny Cooper.

Episode 26 – Wendy Harris

Wendy Harris is an expert telemarketer, who has years worth of experience in cold-calling and doing it right. Now a podcast host, Wendy shares her story and how she became an advocate for making conversations count!

Episode 27 – Will Polston

Making conversations about wealth….and Clubhouse….count! Paying it forward. Acting from a position of generosity and giving within the law of reciprocity. We’re talking to Will Polston.

Episode 28 – Ray Blakney

Making conversations about language count… Ray Blakney is the CEO And founder of online language school Live Lingua. Can you speak another language other than your native tongue? Wendy admitted to the “Making Conversations Count” team that she doesn’t, and we can’t help but feel she’s definitely not alone.

Episode 29 – Mandy Ward

Mandy Ward is a book mentor, helping people to write their own books under the company ‘Write my book’. Mandy is also an author herself, including the popular children’s book ‘The Cuddle Monster’.

Episode 30 – Sarah Townsend

Sarah Townsend is a freelance copywriter and best-selling author of the book ‘survival skills for freelancers’. In this episode, we discuss the importance of conversations in the freelance world, and how things can lead to many opportunities…

Episode 31 – Paul Furlong

Paul Furlong is part of Opus Media, producing TV advertising, videos, and photographs for businesses. He knows a thing or two about visual branding, and is considered a advertising guru!

Episode 32 – Masami Sato

Masami Sato set up the B1G1 initiative. Helping businesses to do good by giving back. When was the last time you gave, freely Not for tax reasons. And not because you felt awkward at a raffle. We could all always do more.

Episode 33 – Ann Hobbs

Ann Hobbs helps people to self-publish their books with Forward Thinking Publishing. She is also a coach and author of her book ‘Kick ass your life’, helping people to push through adversity.

Episode 34 – Kim-Adele Platts

Kim-Adele Platts, Career Development Coach. Making Conversations about Leadership Count! If you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect others to? This was a question and topic that surfaced during this powerful and insightful conversation with Kim-Adele Platts.

Episode 35 – Marina Hauer

Marina Hauer is a branding specialist for independent coaches. Are you using three different brand ‘voices’ in your marketing efforts? We’re making conversations about branding count!

Episode 36 – David Smith

David Smith MBE is a Paralympian in the sport Boccia. Do you know what Boccia is? David tells you in this episode all about the most inclusive Paralympian sport that helps people with their independence.

Episode 37 – Graham Nash

Graham Nash, BusinessWise Accountants, has worked in many fields over the years and the one common denominator has been helping business turnaround.

Episode 38 – Ian Genius

Ian Genius is the sales coach to help you gain confidence in sales. His Ingenious technique helps clients see the value of your best package to COMMAND a higher price.

Episode 39 – Jennie Eriksen

Jennie Eriksen is a voice over artist, her company name is Lovely Voice. She helps her intended listener to learn by being able to bring characters to life.

Episode 40 – Stella Da Silva

Stella Da Silva talks about vocations in this episode, as a specialist employability trainer she shares her insider knowledge.
What skills do you need to be employable?

Episode 41 – Jonathan Chase

Look into my eyes! You will feel very sleepy! You guessed it, we’re having one of our many conversations that count with hypnosis star Jonathan Chase.

Episode 42 – Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman is a social selling expert. Her company ‘Social Sales Link’ teaches the importance of connection for selling on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Episode 43 – Ruth Driscoll

Ruth Driscoll supports people through toxic relationships. Her company the ‘life liberator’ takes her personal experiences to help others.

Episode 44 – Rob Begg

Rob Begg is a results based mindset coach to business leaders & teams. In this episode, he talks about your ego and self-limiting beliefs many of us hold.

Episode 45 – Dan Knowlton

Dan Knowlton and his brother Lloyd run Knowlton – a social media and video advertising company who create unique, funny content to stop the scroll.

Episode 46 – Sudhir Kumar

Sudhir Kumar is an expert in social selling to grow your business, he’s written a book ‘Being Human: Marketing & Social Selling in a Digital World’.

Episode 47 – Ann Page

Ann Page is a lawyer who helps other lawyers with her courses. She teaches valuable business skills and teaches the importance of avoiding jargon.

Episode 48 – Joe Chatham

Joe Chatham set up USA 500. It’s an exclusive member-based organization focusing on sharing his expertise in marketing relationships and networking.

Episode 49 – Larry Long Jnr

Larry Long Jnr is a sales coach that helps give people, teams, and organizations the motivation to go from good to great.

Episode 50 – Pete Cann

Larry Long Jnr is a sales coach that helps give people, teams, and organizations the motivation to go from good to great.

Episode 51 – Ros Conkie

Ros Conkie can teach you to engineer a marketing machine that’ll accelerate your business growth. Marketing training, coaching, and consultancy.

Episode 52 – Andrew Stotz

Andrew Stotz is an investment research specialist. He shares the importance of investing in the future, in employees, and investing in good financial reporting.

Episode 53 – Jon Ferrara

Andrew Stotz is an investment research specialist. He shares the importance of investing in the future, in employees, and investing in good financial reporting.

Episode 54 – Rob Illidge

Rob Illidge founded social republic, an agency defining how to stop the scroll on social media and create engaging content that your customers notice.

Making Conversations about taking action Count: Episode 55, Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars is the founder of ActionCOACH®. Action Coach is the leading business coach franchise, working with leaders to take action and grow their business.

Making Conversations about video Count: Episode 56, Simon Banks

Simon talks about how using video for your business marketing helps customers engage with you – and want to buy from you – because video tells a story.

Making Conversations about resilience Count: Episode 57, Roger Cheetham

Roger Cheetham is the ultimate definition of resilience, having survived the unsurvivable and now an award-winning international speaker & resilience specialist.

Episode 58 – Mike Pagan

Mike Pagan talks us through how we can look after our mental wealth and the importance of having the right support systems in place.

Making Conversations (about young entrepreneurs) Count: Episode 59 – Louis Barnett

One of the UK’s most impressive young entrepreneurs Louis Barnett talks to us about Chokolit, sustainability, ‘Brand Britain’, cultural awareness, and applying his “Chocolate Box methodology’ in helping other SMEs

Making Conversations (about online courses) Count: Episode 60 – Tom Libelt

In this edition of “Making Conversations Count” we’ll talk about how launching online courses isn’t a guaranteed way to make money for your business! We will also offer a very cheap and simple way for you to get started with online courses if that’s still what you want to do!

Making Conversations (about mountaineering on Everest) Count: Episode 61 – Cathy O’Dowd

We’re always moving mountains to bring you the best content on “Making Conversations Count” but we’ve taken it literally now! We’re getting Cathy O’Dowd, a woman who can claim a lot of firsts as we’re Making Conversations about mountaineering on Everest Count!

Wendy’s discussing how to make a dead honest podcast for episode 62

Wendy’s getting to talk about her favourite subject with Georgie Vestey – the award-winning host of the Dead Honest podcast as we’re Making Conversations about honesty Count!

Using social media for professional networking

Are you using social media correctly? In this episode we discover how to use our channels to bolster our professional networking efforts!

What’s in a name? Inclusion and the workplace, and recognising your own bias

Are you aware of your own bias? Everyone has one whether they like to admit it or not. This episode is all about working towards harmony between inclusion and the workplace.

Menopause for men AND women in the workplace AND how it affects the home

When it comes to menopause for men, do they actually suffer? Well, yes actually. Just not in the way you might think….
We’re Making Conversations about menopause in the workplace Count!

Change your funnel into a sales bucket to increase conversions and boost your business every day

Every marketing expert on the planet will talk to you about sales funnels. But very few talk about the sales bucket. We’re going to change that today with episode 66 of Making Conversations Count!

Using sales hypnosis and helping customers feel good when going through your sales process

Are you using ‘sales hypnosis’ when trying to help your clients? If not, it’s well worth learning more. This week we’re Making Conversations about sales hypnosis Count – with Gary Outrageous

The Linkedin secrets that will boost your whole digital toolbox and drive you towards huge business success!

Are you using your digital toolbox effectively? If you just responded in your head with “what’s a digital toolbox?” you should stop reading immediately and click this page to get to that player ASAP!! This week we’re Making Conversations about your digital toolbox Count!

Trench leadership styles in the armed forces – and how to use them in business for better results

Are you demonstrating effective leadership? Things have changed in the leadership space and now you have to approach things differently. This week we’re Making Conversations about trenches (trench leadership) Count!

Using lazy marketing and “Making Conversations Count” around rip-off self-serving marketing agencies with ‘lazy marketing’ expert behind forward-thinking brands

Are you using lazy marketing? Those expensive marketing agencies don’t care about your results. They want your money. We’re Making Conversations about lazy marketing Count with Al Tepper of ‘Tep-Fu’!

From poverty to pushing (legal) drugs: billionaire on building a business on Amazon

Is it time to attain financial freedom? We’re talking all about becoming a billionaire and we’re Making Conversations about building a business on Amazon Count with Shaahin Cheyene (Episode 71)

Get moving with an art and dementia program for your brain health!

Dealing with dementia and any kind of poor brain health is scary. In this episode Veronica Franklin Gould tells us how her art and dementia program (Arts4Dementia) can offer life changing help! (Episode 72)

Want the secret formula for success in business so you can enjoy a stress-free life?

Imagine having the secret formula for success in business. Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, good news! Once you’ve listened to this episode’s guest, you will do! (Episode 73)

Use your pen and activism to massively impact lives, tell your story and avoid becoming a prisoner of state lies!

Use your pen and activism to massively impact lives, tell your story and avoid becoming a prisoner of state lies. We’re Making Conversations Count with best-selling author Dawn Bates (episode 74)

Squash down on imposter syndrome by unsquashing yourself!

Unsquashing yourself to overcome imposter syndrome! We’re talking all about communications coaching with Trisha Lewis in Making Conversations Count – episode 75!

How to be intentional every day, design the best year ever and get paid for doing exactly what you love!

How to be intentional every day and get on with designing your best possible day and year! We’re Making Conversations Count with Rob Cressy – episode 76!

Do you need a business coach? If things are struggling to ‘take off’ consider a business co-pilot!

Do you need a business coach, or a business expert in the co-pilot seat of your organisation? If you’re struggling to take off, you might do! We’re Making Conversations Count with David Holland – episode 77!

When they ask you answer – so you can ensure your customers get questions taken care of by you, not your competition!

When they ask, do you answer? Do you realise how important transparency is for the success of your website? We’re Making Conversations Count with Marcus Sheridan – episode 78!

Want better traffic to your website? This is the conversation for you! Get ready to learn about the rule of 26′

Do you want to ensure the traffic you’re getting to your site is the best for your business? We’re Making Conversations about website marketing Count with Michael Buzinski – episode 79!

Stop clowning around and get some leadership skills training! Cirque Du Soleil star joins us to inspire great leaders!

Are you being a good boss or are you clowning around? Hopefully we’ll inspire you to become the former! We’re Making Conversations about leadership training skills Count with Jay Guilford – episode 80!

The architecture supporting excellent academic leadership and management!

We need more architects who want to take it up as a career. And for that to happen, we need excellent academic leadership. With Kevin Singh, we’re Making Conversations about education Count with Kevin Singh – episode 81!

Content marketing tips from the marketing entrepreneur who invented the term! (Content Inc author Joe Pulizzi)

Being a marketing entrepreneur can be rewarding. But you’ll need epic content marketing tips to pull it off. So we’ve got the inventor of content marketing for this week’s episode. We’re Making Conversations about content entrepreneurs Count! Joe Pulizzi – ep 82!

The McDonalds movie “The Founder” and that thing June Martino said to EA Csolkovits that will teach you all about GIVERS and takers!

This episode needs to be heard to be believed. But take the McDonalds movie “The Founder”. Add a conversation a young boy had with the story’s leading lady, June Martino. Roll forward to an emulation of the plot. We’re Making Conversations about discernible deeds Count! EA Csolkovits – ep 83!

How to be bold and confident and enjoy taking risks for infinitely more PRIDE in your life (and so you can meet Richard Branson)

Imagine how awesome your life would be if you didn’t have to care about any judgement or rejection ever again. That’s the topic of this episode of the Making Conversations Count podcast.
We’re Making Conversations about being superbold Count! Fred Joyal – ep 84!

Small business collaboration will make your work more fun if you know how to do it! Here’s all the top secret insight for you.

You can take a lot of pressure off your bottom line if you enter into business partnerships. But not every partnership is the right one. Dave Plunkett talks to us about small business collaboration as we’re Making Conversations about collaboration junkies Count! – ep 85!

Who will win in the battle of artificial intelligence vs human intelligence and how we’re keeping up with technology and avoiding becoming obsolete

Are you ready for the battle of artificial intelligence vs human intelligence? Hopefully you will be after listening and reading to this episode. Allister Frost talks us through avoiding becoming an obsolete species! Making Conversations about how to ‘keep up’ Count! – ep 86!

How much money do podcasts make? The key to incredible podcast growth with the founder of “Guestio”, a podcast monetisation platform.

Are you wanting to start a podcast? Is what’s holding you back the question of how much money podcasts actually make? In this episode of Making Conversation Count we talk to Travis Chappell about the key to podcast growth! – ep 87!

Want an extraordinary client acquisition system implemented in your lead generation process for guaranteed massive business growth?

Do you have an effective method for onboarding and working with your clients? How are you managing them? What style of leadership are you using? In this episode of Making Conversation Count we talk to Michal and Ana Bohanes about their client acquisition system! – ep 88!

The secret to overcoming the agony of self-sabotage from the man now offering legendary emotional support for business owners

This is an important episode, because it contains all the emotional support for business owners that any entrepreneur could need! In this episode of Making Conversation Count we talk to Tommy Breedlove about overcoming self-sabotage and becoming Legendary! – ep 89!

Get more ICP sales. Leading with the all-important, considered, and well-researched client avatar will help your business!

Have you identified your client avatar so that you can seriously nail your marketing with ICP sales? In this episode of Making Conversation Count we talk to Paul and Shreya from Marketing Counts! I know, right?! – ep 90!

Are you working on your business not in it? Well done! If not, maybe its time to make it better before bigger?

One of the biggest KPIs of any business owner – the answer to this question. Are you working on your business or in it? In this episode of Making Conversation Count we talk to Nick Cramp about getting better before bigger – ep 91!

Finding passion and purpose in your life and business so you can feel good enough

Are you finding passion and purpose in your life and business? In this episode of Making Conversation Count we talk to Nicola Buckley about ensuring we can do so – ep 92!

The science of using silence in sales calls and learning the real psychology of selling so you can avoid your revenue dying and create stunning profit reports!

How are your closing rates? In this episode of Making Conversation Count we talk to Catherine Brown about applying the science of silence in sales calls – ep 93!

How much do Amazon sellers make? Some tips you can use to explode your online sales and make serious cash.

Selling on Amazon? Thinking about it? Well this episode will give you all the info you need. We’re Making Conversation Count with Lynsey Hensell about selling on Amazon – ep 94!

How public speaking coaches can change your life. Oh, and how our guest met Freddy Krueger!

Hitting the stage to talk to strangers soon? Want to? Well this episode will help you cope! We’re Making Conversation Count with Tyler Foley – ep 95!

Etiquette and manners – the three principles to follow. And is etiquette even still relevant in the workplace in 2022? We speak to professional etiquette expert Kristi Spencer

How important do you think etiquette and manners are in the professional workplace in 2022? We’re Making Conversation about professional etiquette Count with Kristi Spencer – ep 96!

Take control of your life with a regular mind shower to remove the head trash of that negative outlook!

Do you know how to take control of your life? We’re Making Conversation about just that, with Blaine Oelkers – ep 97!

Making real human connection and avoiding the digital ‘junk food’ version!

We’re Making Conversations about human connection Count! We’re going to learn the difference between talking to people and making a real human connection with them!

You’ve the perfect book waiting inside you. Ready to learn how to ‘shook’ it out?

We’re all shook up in this episode. Listen as Mike Capuzzi shares with us how to get the perfect book out of you and in the book retailers.

Want to learn the three things that make a business successful? You’re in luck!

We wanted to mark this special episode with special content! So here’s a masterclass in business success!

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